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SWS supply a comprehensive range of industrial cleaning, maintenance and support services.

Our understanding of over 30 years experience of customers requirements along with our expertise and experience ensures that SWS delivers to the highest standards.

Our safety and care of the environment is of pararmount importance and our staff are fully trained in all aspects of industrial cleaning.

We supply industrial vacuum equipment for safe dust and waste removal, recycling, spillage recovery, shutdowns and pre-inspection clean ups.

Services Include:

Heavy Industrial Cleaning               Ductwork Cleaning                     Environmental Cleaning                   Dust Removal

Building Cleaning Services             Commercial Cleaning                 Jetting                                              Exterior Cleaning

Boiler House Cleaning                    Power Station Cleaning               Hospital Cleaning                            Pressure Washing

Deep Cleaning                                Legionella Control                       Drain Cleaning                                 Floor Cleaning

Guano Cleaning                              Needle Sweeps                           Graffiti Removal                               Shot Blasting

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“On review of our internal health and Safety Inspection, a vast improvement has been reported since SWS Environmental Services has been providing their industrial cleaning services to us.
We have worked with SWS constantly since 2005 and are more than happy for our relationship to continue"

Uksmouth Power Station

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